Peace, Love & Fashion

With the amount of rain and cold winds that have been blowing our way for the past few long months, don’t forget that today is the last of February, and tomorrow, comes March.  Fashion Week, which was held across the globe back in the fall, gave us hope by introducing the fashion that would ultimately head our way this spring.

Luckily for my personal tastes, the runway was more like a time machine, constantly taking us back and forth between the eras.  And what’s even better, the trend that led the way held just the pick-up many of us Vancouverites may need, with bold patterns and bright colours to clear up those grey clouds.

Marc Jacobs’ spring collection was the footsteps to follow in, with his interpretation of the 1960’s.


Round Neck Gown with Sequins by Marc Jacobs

Jacobs was unafraid to mix patterns and throw bold geometric shapes across every outfit.  Thick black and white stripes ruled the runway as they ran across A-line coats and dresses.  Salmon pinks, navy blue and red made a special appearance throughout his collection.


Ruffled Collar top by Jacobs

Several designers followed closely behind such as Prada and Christopher Kane with their interpretation of the swingin’ sixties.

Vancouverites are certainly not far behind.  Main street is the best place in Vancouver to shop for unique boutiques and vintage clothing stores.  Run by the self-acclaimed “vintage-junkie” Natalie, Woo Vintage on Main Street separates the eras by the rack.

$39 vintage blue sheath dress at Woo Vintage

Large Silver Brocade Shell top $29.00 – Woo Vintage

However, if you are looking for a new take on the old style, Adhesif is a local eco-friendly clothing store, which designer Melissa Ferreira describes as, “a modern twist on a vintage vibe.”  Originally a vintage clothing buyer herself, Ferreira designs her clothes out of old and recycled fabric, making it new again.


Cotton’s High Dress – Adhesif

“Fabric is what makes each piece unique,” she says.

Her new collection is a mix of bright colours and bold patterns, such as the Nettle top and (my personal favourite), the Shell top.  Her look combines the fun and playful look of the sixties with the versatility that, Ferreira says, Vancouverites crave.

“My biggest inspiration is reminiscent of vintage eras,” says Ferreira.  “There is also a 50’s twist and a 40’s vibe [in this collection].”


Shell Top – Adhesif


Wild Rye Romper – Adhesif

Designers across the globe are embracing the 60’s trend gloriously; combining the care-free attitude of the past-era with the modernity of today.

Sixties trends originally developed from the heavy influence of youth at the time, where floral flourished, and short skirts ruled the road.  Pop art moved away from the canvas to the fabric and colour played a big part in defining the fashion. 

 Going from last year, where the 1920’s roared across fashion headlines; the fashion world has decided to jump 40 years ahead with shorter skirts and bolder looks. 

For a time that was all about making change from the Civil-Rights Movement to the Anti-war Movement, the clothes were a statement to say that times are changing.

More often than not, fashion is a reflection of our society; so it brings the question to mind, what change will be brought upon us now?


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