Sixties make up trends this spring

With the retro bags, clothes and accessories hitting stores this year, it is no wonder that make up and hair are set to match.
The 1960’s have been showing up everywhere this year with heavy mascara, dark eyebrows and bold eyes.

Bright and pastel eye shadows

Photo by Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix.  Provided by Revlon

Photo by Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix. Provided by Revlon

The pastel colours have been everywhere, including this look from Revlon in New York Fashion Week.

As interviewed on Mile High Style, make up artist Gucci Westman says, “I wanted to create a look that [was] playful with strong references to the 1960’s,” he says. “I focused on the eyes and went for something retro.”

Designer Del Castillo says of the bold eye shadow, “This season we were applying strong washes of colour on the eyelid…one shade all over the lid and contoured into the eye socket.”


Long and thick eyelashes on both top and bottom have been partnering with thick eye liner for every runway model.

Cara Delevingne by Louis Vuitton Photo courtesy of

Cara Delevingne by Louis Vuitton
Photo courtesy of

The look originates from Twiggy of the 1960’s whose thick eye liner, dark eye shadow at the creases and big eyelashes made her famous.

Twiggy was known as “The face of 1966” by The Daily Express. She was known for her large eyes, long lashes and short hair.
There are actually so many sites such as this WikiHow page that tell one how to get “The Twiggy Look.”

Once the Cleopatra film with Elizabeth Taylor was released in 1963, women saw the emphases of the eyes and tried to do the same.

While false eye lashes were the big accessory of the ‘60’s, modern days simply call for a really great mascara that does the same as the fake stuff!
West Edmonton Style Blog has some tips on the best brands to buy to complete the look for eyes and lips!

Harper’s Bazaar also has a list of what they consider the best mascaras.

Eye brows this year are all modeled to be thick and dark this spring.

Jason Wu Photo courtesy of

Jason Wu Photo courtesy of

Although eye brow pencils were the only solution in the 1960’s for defined brows, MAC offers us modernists Brow Fluidlines, as shown on The Beauty Mark.
An eyebrow gel goes on much smoother and creates a cleaner line than an eyebrow pencil.

For an era that was ruled by youth for the first time, make up for women in the 1960’s was meant to look like a doll with thick lashes and a solid colour spread across the eyes lids.
As described on Confessions of a Make up Fiend, “The 1960’s marked a very big transition between ladylike manner and looks of the 50’s and the free-spirited glamour of the 60’s.”

While the 1960’s was a major transition from the the lady-like times of the ’50’s, today we are simply a Monet of all the eras.
The best bet may just be to choose one or two or these trends and mix it however you please.
So the question for today is, what trend will you be putting on next?


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