Ancient beauty secrets that work

With the start of school in just two weeks, I have to say that I’m a little antsy; and not just for the obvious reasons like the end of summer, copious amounts of homework and generally embarking on something new. It’s natural for people to want to look great on their first day back at school, and after overly examining my skin, my nails and my hair, I realized that there is work to be done before September (at least in my mind anyway).
So that’s where this post comes into play. I decided to look up natural and cheap ways to clear one’s skin, make one’s hair less frizzy etc. I came across pages of natural beautifying remedies that different cultures have been using for hundreds of years. And as simple or odd as some of them may seem, a lot of them actually work.
So to get to the point, this week’s post is about some of those ancient beautifying remedies.

With so many tips about everything under the sun, I will start with just the skin:

One of the oldest that I found was from Cleopatra’s time in Ancient Egypt. And as she may be considered the world’s first beauty icon, those remedies must work, right?
It is said that queens at that time bathed in milk as the rich lactic acid exfoliated and rejuvenated the skin.
But for the non-royalty, almond oil was used to for its power to reduce dryness and skin aging. It can be used for hair as well, but it does a number of things for the skin.

The blog, Fiesta Farms, gives some more tips on the uses of almond oil.

The blog, Fiesta Farms, gives some more tips on the uses of almond oil.

It moisturizes it, fights wrinkles, removes blemishes and gives it a healthy glow. It even reduces dark circles under the eyes. As recommended on Arabia Weddings blog, just massage it in at night and wash it off in the morning.

From India, one simple tip is to use water as a toner. “It closes the pores, improves blood circulation and cell stimulation”, says Krishna on her blog, DIY Beauty Tutorials.

She also writes that for acne prone skin, “mix some onion juice and honey in equal ratio. Apply it as a face mask and wash it after 10 – 15 minutes.”

However, my favourite tip comes from China, which only requires a cup of tea at the beginning or end of every day (and who doesn’t love tea?) Green tea is known as an anti-oxidant.

Alongside its many health benefits, it clears up the skin, reduces wrinkles and fights skin aging.

Those are just a few of the great tips that I have read about. What remedies do you use for great skin?


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