It’s the middle of September and fall is finally kicking in. I cannot wait to wear dresses with tights, boots and of course with scarves. This year’s fashion trends are out this year, bringing back the 90’s with a vengeance.
And although I’m looking forward to writing all about plaid, knitted sweaters and studded boots, September this year for me also means the busiest time of my life. I am completing my last year of journalism school and two weeks in, the terms “social life” and “free time” are merely mirages. So when I have the time to report on the latest fashions here on this blog, you can bet I will be fastened to my computer. However, I can’t say when that will be next. I hope soon.


Part 2: Beauty secrets that work

Last week, I posted about a few natural beauty tips that women have been using for hundreds of years and still use today.  I have kept on my goal to drink green tea every day and so far, I think it’s working. 

But this week, I found a bunch of tips for healthy-looking hair (and as a girl with naturally curly hair, I need to be in the know of this)!

Where the sun always shines is usually where the best beauty tips come from.
It’s countries like Spain who come up with the best natural remedies to take advantage of the sun’s powers. And who would have thought that they would suggest cranberry juice to accentuate highlights! According to Woman’s Day Magazine , pure cranberry juice (and not the cocktail mix) is washed through the hair. This attracts the sun toward the scalp and accentuates lightness in one’s hair.

In the next country over, Italian women only need to search their kitchen for beautifying mixtures. In an article by Amanda Greene on Woman’s Day, Green writes that adding one cup of plain whole-milk yogurt and one teaspoon of olive oil can be used as a conditioner. “Apply the mixture to washed hair, let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse with cool water,” Greene instructs.

In Japan, a different secret is used for long silky hair and that comes from kelp or seaweed. It carries a rich source of mineral iodine as well as a source for zinc, iron, selenium and calcium, which extenuates healthy hair growth. “It’s not the kelp itself that makes your hair grow thicker and healthier, but the minerals inside that help stimulate hair growth,” says Karolina Weglarz in an article for She Knows Canada.