Vintage-inspired trends this summer

In just a couple of weeks, it will be officially summer. However with this weather we have been having in Vancouver lately, it feels as if it’s already been here for awhile. We have already broken out all our favourite summer dresses and shorts along with our wallets to get some of the latest summer trends.

After browsing too many stores longingly, a few vintage-inspired looks have caught my eye. Here are a few that I noticed:

Wide-legged trousers

Although these are more of a spring look, I happen to have seen them everywhere on runways and in magazines. These pants first hit popularity with help from Charlie’s Angels, but have now managed to sneak their way back into our wardrobes. I love the look, however for someone of my height (5″2), I wouldn’t recommend them for myself or others of the same stature.

These trousers can be found at Devil May Wear on Main st for $145. Photo courtesy of Devil May Wear

These trousers can be found at Devil May Wear on Main st for $145. Photo courtesy of Devil May Wear

Shift Blouse

Although similar to a tunic, they are usually much shorter and can be classified as a T-shirt. It was originally popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s with the hippy look. With its boxy shape, this is more popularly paired with a straight skirt this season.

White Blouses

This isn’t exactly a vintage-inspired look, but it’s a classic I have been seeing everywhere lately. What seems to be most popular are loose sleeveless blouses. I’ve been keeping my eye on a particular chemise one in H&M.

Shiny fabric

This isn’t one of my most favourite trends, however, dresses and skirts in metallic fabrics have become a must on the runways. A lot of looks this season are inspired by the 1970’s and this too, is no exception. Shiny attire could be seen everywhere, particularly on the dance floor in the disco-era.

Tea-length skirts

And to save the best for last, I present the tea-length skirt. There is no specific measurements that come along with the term “tea-length,” but it usually refers to about mid-calf length. Although it may not be recommended for someone of a shorter stature, I insist on wearing them myself simply for the femininity of it. It was most popular during Hollywood’s Golden Age in the 1920’s. They are now often worn with blouses tucked into the high-waisted skirt and come in a variety of patterns and colours.


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